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Join Phiona, President of Aurora Black Community Association and guests every Saturday from January 15-January 29, 2022 for 1 hour of powerful conversation for all ages, on how to be courageous at all times. "Courage doesn't just happen; it is a decision." ~Phiona. It take courage to effect change. 
1. The Courage to Leave 
2. The Courage to Show Confidence.
3. The Courage to Lead.
4. The Courage to Be Different - Be You.
5. The Courage to Speak-up.
Once you've registered, a Zoom link will be sent you for our free workshop.



 Inspire, Encourage, Empower & Change

Dr. Sam Rae said it well, "You don't get to pick my brain for free, pay Black women for their work instead of using them for Diversity clout." "I value my intellectual properties and my time and I will not be shortchanged."

The only thing I would add is to say, [Pay all women for their work].

Phiona is a natural giver who is always providing more services than she requests paid for. She's committed to helping others to succeed. She's an amazing philanthropist who understand the principle and responsibility of giving back and investing in her community and others. 

Phiona uses her money to do good in world. Honorarium and payment for her speaking provides her with the resources needed to aid her community initiatives. It also honours her worth, impact, values her time, purpose, and blesses her family.


Entrepreneurs in Residence By: Aurora Public Library


Keynote Speaker ~ November 18, 2021

PHIONA is a talented and skilled Motivational Speaker and an inspiring community leader.
Becoming an entrepreneur is an exciting adventure, but it is never without risk. Tips, back stories and networking opportunities with four entrepreneurs who share your drive to succeed.
Phiona Durrant l CEO & Founder Coconut Village Nails & Spa

Beauty and Mindset Workshop


Key Speaker ~ May 2021

PHIONA builds an interactive program workshop that dives into the needs of your audience. Filled with practical tips and useful skills, people gain a positive mindset and a desire to put their knowledge to action.
Beauty is healthcare. When you look and feel good about your appearance it give our self-esteem and confidence a boost.

 Women's Entrepreneur Expo


Seize the Opportunity ~ December 11, 2021

The best of the best women in business coming together to share their entrepreneurial journey and tips and strategies on how to start and sustain a business.
Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned entrepreneur, or even a curious entrepreneur, this event is for you.
The event is FREE and VIRTUAL!

Markham Mayor Youth Council


Keynote Speaker

PHIONA DURRANT is looking forward to  delivering great content that will have youths ready to take action on the them, Cultivate.  Looking forward to seeing you there December 11, 201 at 1:30pm.

Coconut Village Appreciation Social


Supporting Rose of Sharon

PHIONA DURRANT is big on giving back and supporting her community. She's also has a special place in her heart for youth and young mothers. 
December 4th she was able to donate 42 Spa care boxes to young mothers at Rose of Sharon.

...one VOICE can become powerful ~ Mala


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